Version: 1.5

FETK (the Finite Element ToolKit) is a collaboratively developed, evolving collection of adaptive finite element method (AFEM) software libraries and tools for solving coupled systems of nonlinear geometric partial differential equations (PDE).

Platforms: The entire FETK Suite of tools is highly portable (from iPhone to Blue Gene/L), thanks to use of a small abstraction layer (MALOC) and heavy use of the GNU Autoconf infrastructure.

Acknowledgment: The FETK libraries and tools are developed collaboratively by a number of people, and are released freely under open source licenses for maximal benefit to the mathematics, science, and engineering communities. The FETK project lead is Professor Michael Holst at the Center for Computational Mathematics at UC San Diego.

Please acknowledge the use of NBCR software: "This project was supported by grants from the National Center for Research Resources (5P41RR008605-19) and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (P41 GM103426) from the National Institutes of Health"

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