Core 4

Practical Cyberinfrastructure for Multi-scale Refinement, Modeling, and Analysis Workflows

Core 4 focuses on developing workflow techniques, software integration processes, and big-data management capabilities, quantifying computational uncertainty (when multiple models are combined), and creating domain-specific user interfaces. This work will dramatically improve the quality, efficiency, and reliability of a focused set of NBCR-defined, multi-scale modeling workflows.

We define the entire collection of software and data that, together, define a complete workflow to be an integrated NBCR product. From the users’ point of view, they may interact directly only with a well-defined domain-specific user interface. However, the complete product will necessarily include all the underlying software components needed to realize a functioning workflow on specific hardware architecture(s).

NBCR will publish the integrated software and data products and validate them on particular systems (e.g., stand-alone workstations, mid-scale clusters, shared high-end infrastructure [NSF’s XSEDE], and public infrastructure clouds like Amazon EC2).