2007 Summer Institute Venue

Event Location Map
Campus Housing (Meals included) Eleanor Roosevelt College Conference Services housing packet with Map for campus housing registration, dining facilities .
Checkin at the conference desk is available 8 am to 12:00 am midnight in person, and through an on-call staff during after hours.
Meals/Eateries Cafe Vatanas/Price Center The Cafe Ventanas is indicated on this map of all campus dinning facilities (some are closed during the summer). Price Center also has many fast food restaurants.
Shuttle There is no campus shuttle during summer. The nearest shopping/movie complex is near Rock Bottom brewery, near La Jolla Village Drive and Via La Jolla Drive. Within 15~30 min walking distance.
Local Hotels Calit2 Visitor Info page for Hotels in the vicinity North Torrey Pines Road Vicinity Hotels
Opening day mini-symposium Calit2 Building (Atkinson Hall) SDSC/Calit2 Synthesis Center (1st floor, opposite of machine room) PDF Map for Calit2 vicinity and UCSD campus
PDF Map from SAN airport to Calit2 Building
Mini-symposium Lunch and Dessert Reception SDSC/Calit2 Synthesis Center, Atkinson Hall, 1st floor Opposite to the machine room
Poster session Synthesis Center, Atkinson Hall Same as above
The training sessions TSRI Lab The Scripps Research Institute, Training lab, Room 350, 3377 N. Torrey Pines Ct, La Jolla, CA

Atkinson Hall, 4004

4th floor, Calit2

PFBH Hall, 161

Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, facing the Stone Bear
Weather do you really need to ask? weather.com
Things to do Beach, Pub, Shopping, Movies, etc. Just google it. UCSD Campus and Vicinity Map
Conference Dinner Rock Bottom, Restaurant in San Diego Maps
At the time of 2006 SI , according to Google map, no one could find the new Calit2 Building (Atkinson Hall) and the Computer Science and Engineering Building at the intersection of Engineers Lane and Voigt Lane, instead, you'll only see the PFBH Bioengineering Building. Now check out and compare the maps.

PFBH: Powell-Focht Bioengineering Building

CSE: Computer Science and Engineering

Calit2: California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

TSRI: The Scripps Research Institute

UCSD: University of California, San Diego

UCSDGoogleMap TSRI Google Map